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Gearbox GB1 Pickleball 12 Pack

by Gearbox
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GB1 Outdoor Ball

Allow us to introduce the GB1, Gearbox’s new USAP approved pickleball ball, created for pickleball lovers worldwide and those who enjoy both recreational and sanctioned play.  

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Gearbox embarked on a mission to develop an advanced proprietary polymer formulation for the GB1 in order to engineer a ball that not only performs at its best, but that will sustain peak performance over time.  

Our approach was scientific and our goal was to create a ball that is durable, warp resistant, offers consistent bounce and high visibility for both day and night play.  In addition, Gearbox engineers are acutely aware that pickleball is played across a diverse range of climates. The interplay between climate and performance is undeniable; factors like temperature can influence bounce, shape, feel, and overall durability. The GB1 is optimized to maintain great performance under a wider range of weather conditions.  

While other balls fall short in performance and durability, the GB1 emerges as the ultimate pickleball ball.

Experience a better ball for more play, enhance your gameplay with the GB1 ball.